We are manufacturers of gold/silver tassels for brotherhoods and sororities. Our factory of gold tassels has been located in Sialkot Pakistan since 1992. Preparation and manufacture of religious ornaments in gold for the world of hand embroidery of religious Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods . We manufacture all kinds of liturgical tassels in gold, tassels for scenes, tassels for banners, brotherhood tassels, cathedral tassels, liturgical tassels, Easter tassels, acorn tassels, ball tassels, banner knots.
We manufacture the tassels in gold to suit the client, being able to make the tassels to measure according to the needs.
All our gold tassels have gold colour that gives an unbeatable appearance and shine and all at affordable prices . On demand , metal-plastic gold tassels can also be manufactured.

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