We are manufacturers of very high quality entrefino gold fringes. Our entrefino gold brotherhood fringe factory has been located in Sialkot Pakistan since 1992. Dedicated to the preparation and manufacture of gold ornaments for the world of hand embroidery of religious Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods . We manufacture all kinds of handmade entrefino gold fringes. Acorn fringes, palia fringes, beaded fringes, fringes of fringes, brotherhood fringes, special for Brotherhoods and Brotherhoods.
We make the brotherhood fringes tailored to the client.
All of our cofradieros and beaded fringes are of interfino gold, with a 24-carat gold bath that gives an unbeatable shine and appearance, at wholesale prices . We also manufacture brotherhood fringes and acorn fringes in plastic gold quality without gold plating.

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