We are manufacturers of entrefino gold bead fringes for Brotherhoods and religious Brotherhoods . Our bead fringe factory located in Sialkot Pakistan has been active since 1992.

We can manufacture bead fringes tailored to customer needs, being able to make bead fringes, knot fringes, cinchuelas fringes, always for different uses. handcrafted liturgical embroideries for Brotherhoods and religious Brotherhoods.

The beaded fringes are made with 24-carat gold-plated interfin gold threads, threads that have been manufactured properly and that guarantee a well-finished job with the best raw materials frominterim gold . They can be finished with streams of acorn fringes, with brotherhood fringes, with beaded fringes, with ball fringes, with beaded fringes , etc.

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